Which iPhone App Should I Use For Meditation?



INSCAPE is a multi-purpose daily meditation app ideal for those times when you might just wish to take a few moments to stop and reflect. Feeling stressed? Worried? Just can't sleep at night? How about angry?


These are the common questions we all think about whenever we're stressed or sad. Our iPhones, iPads, and meditators all have built-in mindfulness meditation apps. Guided imagery apps that let you listen to nature sounds and serene images or even recordings of relaxing music. There are also apps that have hundreds of diverse guided meditations, yoga poses, and affirmations. What you choose depends on what's most important to you, or what feels right to you. But do be aware that some of these apps may not necessarily be as good as some of the other apps out there, and it's best to consider these things before you commit to one meditation app, or type in a search engine query for one.


There are three leading Daily prayer app choices for iPhone, iPad, and Android users, all of which boast more than 4.5 stars from ratings provided by Google, Amazon, and Yelp. When I downloaded each of these apps, I was impressed with their overall user experience and how easy they were to use, even for an experienced meditator without much background knowledge in Yoga or Meditation. All of them, including iOs, had very clear, uncomplicated interfaces, and even offered a "demo mode" for users with little experience, to allow them to explore how the program works without using it.


The only daily meditations app that I found that didn't have any demo modes was limit, but it had a positive review and many positive recommendations. The one bad thing about the limit, in my opinion, is that it was not specific enough in its offerings, and some of the meditations could use some more customization. I could not find any yoga or self-healing mantras, or "breath awareness," in its library of available "Mantras." I did, however, find a few "life goals," though.


Between ZDNet, Google+, and Yelp, I've covered some of the more popular meditation app options on the iPhone and iPad, including mindfulness, Zenmed, Headspace, and Wealthy Affiliate. Among those mentioned above, Zenmed was my personal favorite, simply because it had all of the features I needed (especially for my busy daily life). As for the iPhone, I could see myself recommending ZDNet or Yelp to anyone who'd want to try an iPhone app that offers meditation programs.


In addition to meditation apps, there are some excellent in-app purchases I made to enhance my practice. The first was a high-priced course by a New York Times best-selling author and psychologist, but the book (called Eat Stop Eat) was so well written that I rarely read anymore. I also spent some money on a daily practice DVD by a world-renowned Buddhist teacher. Both of these products are available as in-app purchases on the iPhone and iPad, but they also appear to have worked together quite well, since I've lost some weight and I continue to have more clarity and focus than I ever did before. Read more about apps at http://www.ehow.com/how_6548879_make-money-software-development-home.html.

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